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High Commission of India celebrates 'International Day of Yoga 2021' in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Posted on: June 21, 2021 | Back | Print

High Commission of India

Press Release


The High Commission of India in Freetown organised the 7th International Day of Yoga in Freetown. The event took place on Saturday, 19 June 2021,  morning in Hotel Radisson.

A number of Yoga Institutes and Instructors in Sierra Leone partnered with the High Commission to present a number of Yoga postures and their benefits for the body and mind, as prescribed in the Yoga Protocol, approved by the Government of India. The partner institutes/individuals included: Hatha Yoga na Salone, This is Yoga Sierra Leone, Brahma Kumaris, Mr Babardee Samura, Mr. Samuel Allieu, Mr Felixon Musa, Mrs Bharti Rajwani. T. Choithram & Sons sponsored yoga mats and T-shirts for the participants.

In his address at the event, High Commissioner Rakesh Arora said that “in 2014, when India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a proposal in the UN General Assembly to celebrate 21st June as the International Day of Yoga, nobody had imagined that this will become one of the most popular and widely celebrated international days declared by the UN.”

He added that “Yoga is a gift of India to the world but it has now been embraced by all and thus become a common heritage. It was a pleasant surprise to know recently when we began to prepare for this event that Yoga is immensely popular in Sierra Leone also.”

He further said that “Yoga is an effective tool for holistic living and can help us promote sustainable lifestyles. Yoga connects body, mind and soul. Its health benefits are well recognized.”

High Commissioner Rakesh Arora concluded by quoting the words of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, The way to lead a calm, creative and content life is Yoga. It can show the way in defeating tensions and mindless anxiety.”

The event was restricted this year, due to Covid-19, and only the first 50 Yoga enthusiasts were allowed to participate.